The Accidental 'Chanel' in my Life

Posted by M ws On Saturday, September 15, 2012 4 comments
Here's a photo of my son's cat..Chanel (Photo Credit: Kar Mun, son's friend).

When my older boy was young, he had always wanted to have pets and the only ones he had were goldfish and fighting fish. When he was in Form 4, he brought him a white mouse which he was supposed to have dissected. I was horrified of course but allowed him to keep it and we all grew to love Stuart, even though his urine stank to heaven! Eventually, we progressed to hamsters and had, at one stage, 9 cages of hamsters and one white mouse!

When he was in his undergrad years, he had a bearded dragon and sugar glider, both of which died. I loved the sugar glider which he brought home even during his semester breaks. Soon after, he adopted Chanel. I was quite against him having Chanel because he developed severe allergies.

My son did not know Chanel is a Tom-Cat until he took him to the vet for jabs and by then, both of them had grown accustomed to the name.

The first time I met Chanel was last November. I confess I was not too impressed as he was then a naughty little kitten even eager to come near to me, jumping on my tummy when I was in bed and doing all kinds of irritating antics. I encouraged my boy to train Chanel and being a first-time cat owner, it was tough.

Months down the road, I could see how my son really loves Chanel and has been a wonderful companion to him. Chanel looks pretty handsome and distinguished now. They seem to be good for each other. :-)

My garden is actually the neighbourhood Maternity Hospital because the Tabby-Cats often deliver their litter behind the potted ferns. Sadly, none of them ever developed a close relationship with me. There is a white and black cat that sleeps at my doorstep every night and another one that rests under the car. I have asked Cat-un-Sydney why they have no affinity for me and have made many overtures to befriend them but to date, none ever worked. :-( Perhaps they can sense the fear I have of them or rather, the fear of being scratched. Who knows, one day I hope to have a cat or a dog again..if my CEO allows..

So, if you or your kids don't have a pet yet, do get them one because I really believe we all have a lot of love to give, not just to humans but even animals. If you do adopt a stray, remember to send it for a thorough check up and give it the necessary vaccinations to ensure it thrives healthily and happily.

Take care and do share your experiences with your pets. In the meantime, have a great day!

    4 comments to The Accidental 'Chanel' in my Life

    1. says:

      UP41 Feel relief to see yr blog appearing. Take care & stay away from internet- a depressing place to hang around. :)

    1. says:

      masterwordsmith Thanks, UP41!

      I was discharged this morning and am slowly getting better.

      Life is so short and fragile.

      God bless you for your thoughtfulness and kindness.

      Best wishes

    1. says:

      Antares Discharged? From where? What's going on, MWS... were you down with something?

    1. says:

      Cat-from-Sydney Heya Chanel,
      We first heard about you when your biy wanted to find a babysitter for you....hmmm....I thought you were someone I could ask to marry. But now that you're a mancat, let's be playmates. har har har *evil laughs*

      Brad the most Handsome

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