Does Size Matter?

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A boy ran home to his mother, wailing because he had not made it to the final sports team.

“They said I was too short for it. My stature is not enough for the sport.”

The mother embraced the sobbing child and whispered into his ear, “In sports, my dear, the size of the individual is not as important as the importance of the sport in the individual.”

The message was subtle, but it did not escape the boy.

From the very next day, he rose early and went for practice. His intense desire to become an expert and his concentrated effort culminated into the desired result.

The stature of the sport grew so large in his life that the next year his small physique was no longer an obstacle. He had secured a place on the team.

This little boy, Michael Jordan, went on in life to become a great basketball player, a champion!

-Author Unknown-

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