Part 2 - Incredibly Unbelievable Bedroom Facts

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A few days ago, I gingerly posted Incredibly Unbelievable Bedroom Facts - A Must Read!!! and thought I would get some flak from readers. Amazingly, that post became the most read post for 2012! I still have misgivings about posting the second half but anyway as promised, I am putting it up with no intention to be rude or to offend anyone.

1. Twice a Week - We are humans, not bunnies.

A Durex survey reported that the average number of times people have s*x is 103 times per year, 1.98 times per week and 0.28 times per day! The report indicated that making s*x part of your life gives benefits such as stress relief and increased energy. Nonetheless, there is no KPI to meet for we are humans, not rabbits :-). Take a look at the stats:

According to this site:

Woman's Day -- S*x By the Numbers (2011):
In December 2011, Sarah Jio compiled interesting statistics about sex and experts' opinions about the stats. Here are a few of her findings.

    84% of women have s*x to get their guy to do more around the house.
    12% of married people sleep alone.
    The average person has sex 103 times per year.
    48% of women have faked an orgasm.


2. Men think about sleep and food as much as sex

Contrary to popular belief,  men do not think about s*x every seven seconds. According to a new study,  men ponder sleep and food as much as they do sex. The study found that the median number of thoughts about sex by college-age men was 18 times a day to women's 10 times a day. But the men also thought about food and sleep proportionately more.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

3. Female org**m is a form of natural selection

Apparently, an org**m is an evolutionary function of nature. In 1967, a man named Desmond Morris wrote a controversial book called "The Naked Ape" that looked at the female orgasm. The author suggests that its purpose was to not only encourage interest in sexual activity, but also to promote exhaustion to encourage her to remain in the horizontal position (preventing sp**m from leaking out). He also suggested that women's difficulty in attaining org**m with men was, in fact, a form of natural selection. Only the most patient, caring, and imaginative men (considered preferred traits) would have the best chance of eliciting an orgasm, and thus successfully conceiving a child. CLICK HERE to read a very interesting article.

4.  25% of men over 65 use the magic blue pill
According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, approximately 5 percent of 40-year-old men and between 15 to 25 percent of 65-year-old men experience erectile dysfunction.

Another interesting fact about middle age sex is that 46 percent of people over 50 claim to have sex once a week. 85 per cent feel that sex at a more mature age is less pressurized than when they were teens or young adults, suggesting that sex can get better with age (like many things in life). MORE HERE.

5. Finger length may indicate p**is size

Hold up your right hand. Are your index and ring fingers mismatched? Congratulations, you're more likely than other men with matching digits to have a long p**is. A smaller ratio between the second and fourth fingers is linked to a longer stretched p**is size, researchers report in the Asian Journal of Andrology. The findings go beyond providing a new finger ratio-based pick-up line for men in bars, however; researchers say that a quick look at a man's fingers could reveal his exposure to male hormones in the womb, providing a hint about his risk for hormone-driven diseases like prostate cancer. MORE HERE.

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    CK Men need to have an orgasm as it is part of the fertilization process, nothing more, nothing less. That's why at times women fake orgasm, just to please the other half. Can we all be more honest with each other? Having said that, WW3 may break out!

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