The Slide Show That Went Viral

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In 1990, there was an Australian student in my Sociology class who has Down's Syndrome. I must admit I was quite worried about how to handle the students' reactions to his presence. Amazingly, the kids were just super with him but best of all, he was such a loving student and would sometimes run up to me to give me a biiiigggggg hug when he said, 'Thank you, Miss." I do know a few more friends who have kids/relatives with Down's Syndrome and I salute their love, devotion and patience with their loved ones.

Yesterday evening, I came across this article about Grace and Josh Curley and their slide show about Down's Syndrome. The photos have been taken spontaneously and the cue cards nothing fancy BUT believe me, I was moved to tears by the time I reached Slide no. 11.

Their love is truly inspiring and I hope that you will take the time to view the photos after you finish reading the post. Most of all, I hope the slide show touches you in many ways. Have a lovely day! And to all my Muslim readers, Selamat Hari Raya Haji.


Earlier this year, Grace Curley, 20, of Paris, Canada posted 18 photos of her and her brother to Facebook. It was an album meant mainly for family and friends. But 10 months hence, the images have gone viral, and Grace and her brother are Internet sensations.

Eighteen-year-old Josh Curley has Down syndrome. The series of photographs show his sister holding cue cards with a variety of messages on them. The purpose? To raise awareness about Down syndrome.

“I have so many friends who just aren’t aware of how hurtful the words they use can be and I thought that I could reach a lot of people,” Grace told Brant News. “A lot of my friends that use those words don’t realize that it is offensive.”

Perhaps the most powerful card is the one that says "Real Friends Don't Count Chromosomes." The preceding card explains that people with Down syndrome have an extra chromosome.

Since the album was posted on January 10, it has garnered hundreds of shares on Facebook and 1.6 million hits on Imgur.

CLICK HERE to view the slide show.

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