Tra la la la Tim Tam!

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Hurray!!! Hurray!! It's a Tim Tam Day today!!

Last Friday, a friend/blog reader from Down Under called to inform me that his gift of Tim Tams would be arriving at my doorstep via Pos Laju.

Saturday passed by and no Tim Tams.

And I reminded myself that patience is a virtue that I lack so it had to be Monday. Sunday flew by and soon it was Monday.

But Monday was another Tim Tamless day...:-(

Tuesday came and went with no Tim Tams. :-(

As the seconds, minutes, hours and days passed by, hope diminished.....visions of Tim Tams became blur and I could still hear his voice saying, "You will have enough Tim Tams to last till Christmas."

By then, I had completely lost hope and was in a fix. Even the image of the Tim Tam logo was a blur in my Tim Tam deficient state.

  • If I emailed my friend to tell him that I did not receive the Tim Tams, it would be quite presumptuous because for all I knew, there could have been a glitch and the Tim Tams had not been sent yet.
  • If I did not email him, he might think what a timmytammy ungrateful friend I was not to thank him for the Tim Tam blessings.
My mind went into overdrive. I thought that perhaps the package was lost in transit or worse still, had fallen into the hands of those who are just as timmitammytized as me.

Oh I pictured the scenario....I saw how the Tim Tam deprived culprit ripped open the box, sat in a corner and deliriously ate every single morsel of Tim Tams till he reached Tim Tam heaven.

Then I thought, oh maybe it is good that the Tim Tams did not appear as my diet would be sabotaged but deep inside me, I knew for a fact that I was just consoling myself miserably.

And then the magical toot-toot of the Pos Laju van sounded at my gate. Ooo la la la la la la la la I sang in my heart as I opened the door and rushed to the gate. I bet the delivery man thought I was his secret admirer who finally surfaced judging from the speed at which I ran to him and the broad smile I gave him when I said, "Oh, I have been waiting for you for days! Finally you are here."

Stunned and amused, he asked me to sign but before he could give me the pen, I asked him, "Yang mana saya punya?"

*There were two boxes in the front seat. I thought perhaps it was the smaller box.

To my ecstasy, he pointed to the BIGGER box.

Tra la la la tim tam....tra la la la tim singeth my heart at that point in time :-)

I signed at breakneck speed, thanked him profusely, carried the box and ran into the house, closed the front door and screamed, "NIIIIIICHOOOOOOLAAAAAASSSSSSS, the Tim Tams are heeeerrrrrrreeeee!!!!"

Confession - when i first saw the initial package - i tot wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh siau ah - the whole box filled with tim tams? No way. I confess - I was secretly hoping that there would be a year's supply and not three months' supply :-).

Opening the box was a breeze. Carefully, I used a knife to make elegant slits at the openings. Voila! Tim Tams? Oh noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Another box??? Aha! My mind went into overdrive again. Good heavens! Don't tell me there are many more boxes and at the end when I reached the final box, will there be only miniature Tim Tams for me? sob sob sob sob  I started to hyperventilate...:-) and tried to open the box as quickly as I could. No more elegant slits!

The Sacred Box of Tim Tams :-)

Nick and I quarrelled when opening the second box. He said I was dumb cos I was cutting it the wrong way.

"Mom, cool down. Your excitement has kind of blinded you to the fact that the flaps overlap. You cannot rip it open," said Nick coolly when he saw me sawing at a gap.

 Actually - me not dumb - just greedy and wanted to rip open the box.


Most embarrassed, I said, "Nah, you do it."

My calm and collected boy coolly slit at the right places and opened the flaps, one of which had been brutally mutilated by me! And as I looked inside, "Oh nooooooooooooooooo...more tricks????"

Slowly, almost in tears, I rummaged through the newspapers and struck GOLD oops I mean Tim Tams! Voila!

Slowly, I took out each packet of Tim Tams. It was beyond my wildest dreams. Eleven packets of Tim Tams!!!

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you to the Provider and Guardian Angel of Tim Tams!!!! God bless you and your Timtammiest kindest and most generous heart!!!!

Since there are eleven packets of Tim Tams, the loving mother that I am *coughs* immediately kept aside three packets for Jon.

And then I proceeded to enforce my newly created Tim Tam rules.

The Tim Tam Rules

Each member of the family is custodian to three packets of Tim Tams, except for my husband who will get two packets :-) as he does not particularly like sweet stuff.

Anyone who wants to savour another flavour must exchange what one has with the person who owns the coveted flavour.


This rule will ensure that:

a) I, the greatest Tim Tam enthusiast of all in my household, will not eat everything. History shows this has happened time and time again over the years since I am in the house most of the time and the greatest Tim Tam connoisseur.

b) I do not put on weight.

c) None of us get constipation as Tim Tams can be quite heaty.

d) We do not end up fighting, indulging in denials such as "No, I did not eat the Tim Tam" or "It was not me who ate it." or accusations like "Who ate my Tim Tams without my permission?"

With these rules, peace reigneth in the household :-)

Anyway, I am sorry I sound kind of mad in this post. is because I am high with Tim Tams having devoured one piece of Tim Tam Turkish Delight and one Tim Tam Double Coated Delight.

If you don't mind, please excuse me because it is time for another Tim Tam :-).

2 comments to Tra la la la Tim Tam!

  1. says:

    Cynful Pleasure that's lots of Tim Tam!!! enjoy and have fun!

    *here another Tim Tam fan* but never like to buy in Malaysia cos it's EXPENSIVE!!

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Hi Cynful Pleasure!

    Thanks!! I am sure your princess also loves chocs and Tim Tam. Wishing both of you a beautiful weekend together!


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