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I love to visit Makes Me Think because of the many stories that make me think, cry and just want to reach out and touch someone...Here's a selection that was posted in the site a month earlier...

Today, it’s been five years since I adopted a puppy from a high kill shelter that had no time left. Since then I have developed a moderate case of a neurological disease that causes seizures. Believe it or not, dog is able to detect my seizures before I know. She starts barking hysterically, and keys me into my episode before it starts. So today she is my service dog. The life I saved saving me every day MMT.

Today, I found out that my friend’s father volunteers at the local soup kitchen three times a week. What's amazing about this is that his family has been struggling with money and has eaten at shelters several times themselves in the past. When I asked why he does it, he said, “All people deserve something to eat, and I know there are others who have far less than us right now." MMT

Today, two months after the date we were supposed to be married, and three months after his passing, I just returned home from our pre-paid honeymoon vacation in Hawaii. I took my dad instead. MMT

Today, he admitted to me that if I hadn't sent him the link to my MMT story after we broke up back in 2009, then I might not be sitting here next to him, happily married and pregnant with his baby. MMT

Today, when I received confirmation of my father’s 20+ years of serial infidelity, my first thought was a hope that I might have brothers and sisters somewhere that could relate to the pain I have felt for the last 17 years, growing up in this broken, abusive home. MMT

Today, one of the last coherent things my grandpa said to me before his death this evening was that his biggest regret in life is that he waited until his retirement to follow his passion. And then he squeezed my hand until I promised to follow mine starting today. MMT

Today, you know what I've noticed about MMT? No one ever posts "I Make Me Think." This post will be different because, this afternoon I confronted the bully at school who always picks on me, and I made her realize that she can’t call me something I’m not. I’m not stupid, I’m not fat, I’m not ugly, and I hope someday everyone realizes that inner beauty matters most. Today, my courage to take a stand for myself MMT.

Today, I realized that my older brother was always the stronger one. He was the rock of the family, until six months ago when he suddenly became ill and was diagnosed with bone cancer. And this morning, just like that, I became an only child. MMT

Today, one of my classmates passed away from leukemia. She loved to learn, but couldn't continue in school for the last six months due to her illness. I found out this afternoon at her memorial service that our English teacher had gone to her house to read to her every single day until she died. MMT

Today, I realized it was better to have 20 years with a wonderful mom, than 50 years with a lousy one. RIP momma, you will always MMT.

Today, I've been depressed for over a year now. In the back of my school notebook I have several small drawings and doodles, and a list of 10 reasons to die and 10 reasons to live. Unfortunately, at the time I wrote the list, I couldn’t think of any good reasons to live, so that part of the list simply had ten numbers with blank spaces. This afternoon my notebook fell out of my backpack and was turned into lost and found at my school. When I opened it this evening there was a note on the first blank page that said, “Read the new list in the back.” Someone had filled in the blanks for me, and I could relate to every point. MMT

Today, it’s been nearly two years since I was hit by a drunk driver and lost my left leg below the knee and could no longer play basketball. This evening, at what would have been the first game of my senior year, the players invited me to the court, where our starting center helped me reach the basket to put in one last dunk. MMT

Today, as she bled under the weight of our overturned 3000 pound minivan, my mom looked at me before she lost consciousness and said, “Thank God. I’m so happy you’re okay.” MMT

Today, as I sit here in the hospital with 24 broken bones, all I can think is, “I should have been watching the intersection instead of the light.” MMT

Today, she died. 6 years ago she was diagnosed with cancer, 4 years ago she went into remission, 1 year ago she got married, 10 months ago she got pregnant. 8 months ago the cancer returned and receiving treatment required her to abort. 1 month ago she gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl. MMT

Today, on my 21st birthday, my dad, who is one of the most positive role models in my life, shared a dark secret with me. He showed me the suicide letter he wrote 21 years ago, five minutes before my mom called him to tell him she was pregnant. MMT

Today, a little girl in my area who was hit by a car three weeks ago is recovering well, but has lots of unpaid medical expenses that her single mom cannot afford. This woman happens to be the sister of one of the inmates at the prison where I work. When they caught word of the story, several of the inmates wanted to help. They saved nearly $1100 out of their monthly salaries to help out (which is a lot for the amount they make). MMT

Today, for the first time in five years, I saw the saw the homeless man I used to give a couple dollars to on my walk home from work almost every day. He was my cab driver this afternoon, and he recognized me as soon as I got into the cab. He told me he saved the money I gave him and used it to get back on his feet. He thanked me over and over again, and gave me a free ride. MMT

Today, at the hospital where I work we were taking up donations for Autism. This little boy came through my line and asked me what autism was. After explaining it to him, he donated his last five dollars that his dad gave him for the vending machine to the cause. I told him he didn’t need to do that, but he insisted and walked away. MMT

Today, even though I never met her, 10 years later, I still remember every detail of her face. And each time I buckle my young son’s life jacket, I can still see her screaming and running across the sand as they try to revive him. MMT

Today, I celebrated my one year anniversary of working with Autistic children at the local hospital. Three times a week I work with a boy who has never spoken to me. Today he looked me straight in the eye and said, "Thank you, Hailey. You make my life better." MMT

Today, after a long battle with cancer, my grandma passed away at the wise age of 88. She was the most amazing chef. This evening the light in the kitchen burnt out of my grandpa’s and grandma’s house. My grandpa needed my assistance changing the bulb due to his age and the high ceilings. I asked him how he had changed this bulb himself over the years, and he said, “You know, I was thinking it was kind of strange, but I haven’t changed that bulb in almost 20 years.” MMT

Today, my best friend’s new girlfriend, who he’s had a crush on for a long time, finally admitted verbally that she “hates” me. He came up to me today, looking pretty upset, and told me what she said. And then he said, “So I broke up with her. Because if she doesn’t respect you, she obviously doesn’t respect me either.” MMT

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