*Must Read* Sold for 5USD

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I was very shocked when I came across this article. For sure, I am glad I seldom ever use that social networking media except when I want to share some blog posts occasionally.

According to Anthony Gucciardi:

How much is your personal information worth? How about a data set consisting of over 1 million individual’s personal information complete with their full legal name, personal E-mail address, and URL to their F******* account as confirmation?

CLICK HERE to read the rest of the article.

You might want to check out the range of video clips AT THIS LINK.

If you are not in it yet, please do not get into it.

Once you are in, it is very difficult to remove the data. I believe a good many users are unaware of this.

Another shocking article that I suggest you check out is AT THIS LINK.

Have a pleasant time reading and enjoy your weekend!

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