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A few weeks ago, I wrote Is the End at Hand? Even though I did not mention a lot of the possibilities that are ahead of us, I gave a hint about what lies ahead of us, especially in the list of stuff that we need during a crisis. However, with the recent trail of death and destruction left behind by S***y (I am not mentioning it because I do not want my post to be picked up by any search engine), I believe I should share more.

Some of you may think I am a looney case, but I assure you I am not. There are things happening all around the world which prove beyond doubt that the topic I have been researching since 1997 is real, intimidating and will be in control sooner than we think.

What we see now in the eastern board of US is just the tip of the ice-berg of what lays ahead of all of us. Many in the US are already aware of the true picture whilst those in Asia may not be as well informed because it has yet to hit our own backyard overtly.

So, indeed, the answer to the question I asked on October 11 is 'Yes, sooner than I expected.'

We are living in the most challenging times and many are almost totally unaware of what lies ahead.

Things are not what they seem.

Worse still, people are not what they seem as well. I can safely say 2012 has been the year of awakening for me and I have been quite shocked by certain revelations about certain homo homo sapiens, both those I know and those of whom I know.

As for now, I am making lots of preparations because tough times are ahead. I am posting these links for you to consider.

I am sorry I cannot be more overt in my references but those of you who are well aware of which particular big big big big group I am talking about - would understand the nondescript nature of this post.

We need to take a macro view of what's happening on earth and not to just look at our own country.

Just watch and pray, be prepared and take time to smell the roses. Treasure life and everything we have for now...for now...for now...for one day, whoooooooof ...in the twinkling of an eye, circumstances may change and by then...it might be too late. God bless you.

The following links are arranged at random in no particular order of importance. I am just sounding the bell of awareness....for us to be aware and to be on guard!!! If possible, watch ALL and MORE.

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Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4

Link 5

Link 6

Link 7

Link 8

Link 9

etc etc etc

Please do your own research and be aware.......

Frankly, I wish I had been born in the 1940s and that I died before the 21st century. :-(

Take care and may the God you believe in protect you.

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