Confessions of a Pharmaceutical Representative

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Thanks to reader SKT who sent me the following information. I tried to find the source but alas, all efforts failed. Hence, I conclude it was written by a concerned person.

If you are on any medication, you've got to hear what Gwen Olson said about the pharmaceutical industries, they are here to hasten your demise...

The best way to make money is to frighten the hell out of you and then offer you a solution which you are to follow for the rest of your life. These pharmaceutical industries have no ethics and are all about making
more and more money at our expense. They are also known to bribe doctors/specialists to use their drugs...

Merck was fined recently $6.1 billion for an arthritis drug [Vioxx] which doubles the risk of heart attack & stroke of patients. (This can be confirmed via THIS LINK.)

Here's excellent advice from Gwen Olson, a 15 year veteran of the pharmaceutical Industry on the effects and side-effects of taking medications at the expense of other more important alternatives.....

Please watch and share the following video. The next victim could be someone you love!!!

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO. Please read the information in that link about Gwen Olson.

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