I Survived Day 1

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I have not posted much today because I had been so busy with my new dog, Tiger (check him out HERE).

I am so tired.

Believe me. It is not easy to have a dog but I cannot ask for more for Tiger is such an awesome dog!

He has settled well except we discovered he has the symptoms of separation anxiety syndrome, probably because of the change in homes in the last few months.

Last night, when it came to bedtime, we tied him to a leash tied to the kitchen tap but he barked sadly when we walked away and we were at a loss as to what to do.

Fortunately, a former schoolmate was online in FB n I sought her help. She owns eight dogs including a West Highland terrier like Tiger . She said he needed to sleep with one of us. ????@-@

Then we tried to build a barricade for her to remain in the kitchen without a leash. Smart Tiger bulldozed through the barricade. See the following pic.

 I resigned as Chief Construction Engineer. By then it was red alert n May Day.

I made a long distance call to US to seek my cousin's advice. He works part-time at a dog day care in US. He said we had no choice but to let him sleep with Nick. He cannot sleep with me as I am allergic to animal dander. Finally, we tied him to the exercise bench in Jon's room n he slept there..most of the time, looking at Nick.

Today, we took him to Sun Yun Kei Restaurant in Cintra Street. I asked the proprietor for permission for Tiger to be with us and promised we would leave if he was a nuisance or if anyone complained. With a smile, he gave us his blessings :-) for Tiger to be with us. Amazingly, Tiger sat in his chair obediently with not even a squeak, neither did he beg for food. Then we took him to Upper Penang Road to the flea market where  he was admired by many dog lovers.

I met Noni, an elderly lady who was part of a team setting up the Penang animal sanctuary. She was so in love with Tiger :-) and kept marvelling at his good poise and looks :-).

Before we came home, we went to CTY to buy Tiger toys as he destroyed a stress ball I gave him this morning. Nick did not dare tell me about it when I asked for the ball . He just asked me to look under the dining table. The ball is now history....

At the pet shop, we tried to buy him walking shoes but the pet shop staff said Tiger would not be comfortable as he should have been trained to walk outdoors with shoe-pads from young. We got him anti- tick spray instead and a vanilla-flavoured bone. Crazy - the spray cost us 85rm and the vanilla flavored bone was 14.90.

Now, the house has a new air freshener called Tiger and we are all using Eau de Toilette Tiger pour Homme and Pour Femme. Sometimes we use Eau de Parfum Tiger.  Even though we gave him a good scrub and grooming yesterday, his signature scent has filled the house, especially today!

Tiger has brought so much joy and happiness into my life is just over 24 hours.. And I survived Day 1...

So did Tiger...look at him sleeping soundly in my living room...what a darling!!!

The most tiring part is taking him out for his business and for his short calls....and coping with him sticking to Nicholas and me like a shadow...we cannot leave him alone at all! Sighs. Other than that...we just love him!!!

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