Music from the Heart

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Shakespeare said..."If music be the food of love, play on..." and that is what I have been doing with my sons and their friends...It has been music music music music the whole day and night since he returned yesterday. It was a looooooong wait for the bus to arrive as the jam along the highway was pretty bad. Apart from that, it has been lots of eating and I will have to start exercising on December 26th.

Before my son came home, he did an awesome recording of Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites Violin Dubstep Cover Freestyle and you can watch it AT THIS YOUTUBE LINK.

This afternoon, two of Jon's friends came over to pulay their kind of music. I was hovering around ...offering snacks, drinks and hoping to be invited to play with them and when I could wait no longer, I joined them only to be told that I had to wait till they finished planning their repertoire for an event tomorrow. Nonetheless, I enjoyed listening to them jamming... I believe the best one is when the boys composed a song on the spot...


On percussion is Joshua, Jon's schoolmate from wayyyyy back in Form 1 and the other gentleman is his fellow engineer from an American MNC. Nick was playing the violin and did not want be filmed...

In reality, I am sharing these videos to share my joy at having my son with me for the first time in four years!!!! It is not to show off for there is nothing to show off but our love for music. I am not musically trained and play by ear on the piano and what I did not have, I made sure my boys got it - sound and meaningfully creative music education. And you cannot imagine how long I waited for my younger boy to grow up and to join us in making music together.

Sorry my study is a mess as there are too many books to sort out. What you see is just the front layer for each shelf has three rows of books and other books stacked on top so to reorganize them would be a monumental task. The place is untidy but it is home! My mobile phone was placed on top of the piano so there is some distortion in the recording as hubby was having his evening jog. I don't mind seeing my white hair :-) cos I will be a year older tomorrow and life is for living, not worrying about white hair! :-) The whole idea is to celebrate love, music via spontaneity and to have fun together as a family. You can see we didn't have musical scores or music books - we were merely expressing our love for music the way we feel ...from our hearts...In fact, most of the time, our eyes were closed as we lost ourselves to the pure pleasure of making music...

We also jammed two Chinese songs:

Tong Hua

My favourite The Moon Represents My Heart

And of course my favourite Moon River. We also played other songs but it is too tedious and time-consuming to upload. Maybe next time.

This morning, they recorded Gangnam -Violin and Guitar style and you can watch it AT THIS LINK.

Finally, here's something we recorded after dinner on Saturday night - our version of Merry Christmas.

If you missed y earlier posts on my boys, check The Gift and also The Blues Brothers.

Take care and may you be blessed during this Christmas season and the coming new year!

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