Street Busking in Heritage Enclave *updated*

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It is not easy to be a mom and an educator.

It is even more difficult to be an educator and a mom of a musician.

It is extremely difficult to be an educator who is also a musician and a mom of a musician who is also an educator!!! :-)

Many of you may be aware that my older son is a musician but not many may know he is also a teacher at an international school. As such, the two of us sometimes face tricky situations in that we have to be fully aware that what we do is not against norms, values or laws.

Last week when he was home for Christmas, my sons and I had lots of musical moments. Then his friends came by and we all had more musical moments. And then they wanted to take it a notch or two do street performances at the heritage enclave of Penang.

Of course I was most supportive but I told them - wait wait wait. Let me Google to see if busking is against the law in Malaysia and when I confirmed it was perfectly legit, I gave them my blessings and helped them along the way.

This is Joshua, my son's old friend from secondary school. Joshua is a valedictorian of his uni, has a first class honours degree in engineering and is working with an American MNC in Penang.

Photo Credit: Boon Ping from KL

The son of a pastor, Joshua also plays the guitar and was in the PFS school band.

Photo Credit: Boon Ping from KL

This is Ti How, also an engineer and is Joshua's colleague.

Photo Credit: Boon Ping from KL

He intends to be a full-time musician one day. Ti How is a self-taught musician. It was on the night before Christmas eve that they started to play together for the first time.

Photo Credit: Boon Ping from KL

The first session was on Christmas Eve and they started at Armenian Street in front of one of those famous wall murals. CLICK HERE for a short clip.

Thereafter, we headed to Khoo Kongsi and I went to talk to the management and they very kindly gave us their permission. Here's one of the shots I took of them via Instagram.

The crowd at both places seemed to love their rendition of Gangnam Style which you can WATCH HERE. 

They went to the same places on Christmas Day but before they left, they did a reggae arrangement of Gloria Gaynor's I WILL SURVIVE and a medley of other songs which you can watch AT THIS LINK.

I did a collage of the previous day's performance and posted it in Facebook.

For sure, music has always drawn my family together, even for my sons' friends. Truly, the boys and I had so much fun. My role was just to be part of the crowd, sing and react spontaneously and record/snap pics whenever possible. Fortunately, I met two guys from KL, one of who is Boon Ping ...both of them kindly agreed to take some pics of my son and his friends and sent them to me when they returned to KL. Thank you so much, Boon Ping!

And if you have not watched my son's cover version of Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites Violin Dubstep Cover Freestyle, you can do so AT THIS LINK. 

*Just a son likes to add one or two bars of melodies from other songs in whtaever song he plays....see if you can detect which song is being played in each one...check out other videos at my channel. A good example is their rendition of WE WILL ROCK YOU at this link. Somewhere in the song, you can hear a phrase or two from 1:22...can anyone hear that line and tell me the title of that song which my son played followed by an ad lib impromptu improvised section before they returned to the chorus?

This is a delayed post because we spent the whole evening trying to calm down Tiger who has a separation anxiety syndrome. Fortunately for me, my cousin in US is a team-member in a dog day care centre and understands dog temperaments very well. So, Tiger is sleeping with Nick...

Good night, everyone. It has been one long but exciting evening....

2 comments to Street Busking in Heritage Enclave *updated*

  1. says:

    patches Hi hi hi - delayed blessed Christmas greetings and wishing you and family a year of health, joy, contentment and abundance and safety in the coming New Year.

    What joy and serenity to hear the music makers and this is something we should encourage in our youth - the pursuit of clean fun doing what they enjoy most.
    You are indeed lucky and blessed to have all these musicians in your family and circle, and me too, for being able to share in your Post. :)

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Hi Patches

    Thank you for your festive greetings and your warm sincere encouragement which means a lot not just to me but to the boys as well.

    Indeed it is better that they pursue clean and wholesome activities that bring joy to others too.

    I am lucky to have a regular reader/commenter friend in you. I hope to meet you one day. Do drop a line whenever you are free.

    Take care and may God bless you richly everyday of your life!

    Warmest wishes

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