The Cardboard Bicycle

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The world finally got to see the new Israeli invention that has been making waves in the world media – the cardboard bicycle, invented by Itzhar Gafni and marketed together with his partner, Nimrod Elmish. To the cheers and applause of some 1,000 people at the Microsoft ThinkNext event in Tel Aviv this week, Gafni rode one of his cardboard bikes on stage, while Elmish extolled its waterproof, fireproof, and “pollution-proof” qualities.

In fact, said Elmish, the reinforced cardboard that the bike is made has many more uses. “In 10 years, they will using this material to make components for spaceships that will take people to the moon,” he told the ThinkNext crowd.

The bike was officially unveiled at a small press conference last month, but the ThinkNext event marked the first time it was seen by a large crowd. The bike itself is mostly recycled cardboard — reinforced corrugated paper that had been used for packing boxes, etc. — along with recycled rubber (for the tires) and plastic (used for the seat and some of the gears) made out of recycled bottles. “It’s one of the most green products you can imagine,” Elmish said.

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