Anti-Inflammatory Herbs that Crush Pain

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Anti-inflammatory herbs are much like a gift within a gift.

Not only are these herbs a versatile and delicious way to liven up your meals…

They’re one of nature’s most potent weapons to stop and prevent pain.

In this article, I’d like to introduce to six most powerful anti-inflammatory herbs that are some of mother nature’s safest and most effective pain relievers.

And the best part?

These herbs make delicious ingredients for cooking and drinks you can enjoy while healing:

#1: Chamomile

Remember the classic children’s tale, Peter Rabbit?

Peter’s mother gave him chamomile tea when he was feeling ill. Turns out she knew what she was doing and it’s worth your while to drink chamomile tea, too!

Scientific studies demonstrate chamomile is an excellent anti-inflammatory…

Well-known to help with stomach aches, but helpful with pain elsewhere too.

It’s also a very calming herb, so if you experience stress it can help you relax.

#2: Fenugreek

Fenugreek (which in Latin means “green hay”) is another excellent anti-inflammatory.

Studies have even shown it can reduce high triglyceride blood levels! Some say its taste is similar to maple syrup.

The greens and sprouts are a tasty addition to a salad and the seeds provide excellent seasoning to a variety of meats, stews, and sauces.

It’s a common addition to Indian cooking (and you can typically find it in Indian and ethnic markets.)

#3: Ginger

Ginger is a welcome and extremely versatile ingredient in many foods, from meats and veggies to drinks and desserts.

In fact, ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties have been known and appreciated for centuries.

It’s traditionally been used as an excellent herb for migraines and stomach pains.

By the way, ginger tea can be a big help if you experience heartburn, and it’s even been shown to be very helpful with those experiencing morning sickness!

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