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My former student, Pat (who works with NHK) was in town and we were together for almost 12 hours drinking in the beauty of the heritage enclave...

I never realized how much I really do love doors until I looked at the pics I snapped...Take a look at my shots taken with my Samsung phone camera.

The beautiful and newly opened Seven Terraces

The courtyard of Seven Terraces
Chris and his team took three years to restore this place!

The luxurious interior of Baba Bar @ Seven Terraces

Taken at Khoo Kongsi (Pat's camera)

Taken outside Khoo Kongsi (Pat's camera)

Pat's camera

Pat's camera

Pat's camera

The following is my dream house which I hope to buy one day...I know that day will never come...another building which houses friend's restaurant in the heritage area was bought at 700 000Rm last year and recently sold at 2.2RM MILLION!!!

Pat's camera
Our last stop was at the Christian Cemetery where many of the graves had been vandalised. :-(

Pat's camera

Taken with my Samsung phone camera

I really had a great time with her and will miss her very much till she returns again or the next time I visit her in Bangkok.

2 comments to Doors

  1. says:

    UP41 Beautiful pictures.

    Doors, doors doors ... - inviting or stopping us ????

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Thank you, UP41. I have yet to get a good camera. So far, this phone cam seems to be ok...

    Yup -some doors invite whilst others stop.

    Take care and have a great day..

    Happy snapping!


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