Ignore At Your Own Peril!!!!

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Recently, Huffington Post carried a very good article about how a survey discovered that one In 10 has experienced potential signs of cancer.

Excerpt from the article which comes with ten infographic slides:

People are being urged to get to know their bodies and seek medical advice if they think is anything wrong, after research revealed many are reluctant to react to potential cancer symptoms.

According to a 'Cancer Consciousness' poll by insurance firm AXA, the majority of Brits (91%) have had direct experience of seeing loved ones deal with cancer, yet only 28% said they would make an appointment to see their GP immediately if they noticed something unusual for their body that could be a symptom of cancer.

AXA PPP healthcare chief medical officer Dr Gary Bolger said: "A key to the early detection of cancer is knowing what ‘normal’ feels like for your body so you are able to identify a significant change."

"People who find signs or symptoms of cancer should not be afraid to see their doctor for advice straight away," he explained. "It really is a case of the sooner the better.”

CLICK HERE to view the ten slides and the rest of the article.

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