Secrets to Longevity

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Recently, Angela sent me this article written by Koon Yew Yin, one of the founders of IJM Corporation. In his retirement now, he writes often on many socio-political issues. I googled to see the source of the article before posting. Here's an excerpt from his well-articulated piece:

On 28th Dec 2012, I celebrated my 80th birthday [1]. A few guests asked me how I have managed to live so long and happy. I am sure all of you would like to know how I did it. Even my cardiologist said that I may be holding the Malaysian record for being alive after inheriting a blood cholesterol disease and having undergone heart bypass surgery in May 1983. Moreover, I do not have aches and pain which are common for elderly people.

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This is what I do:

1. Every day I walk for around 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. When there is rain, I walk about in my house.
2. I must remember that physical movement will reduce stress which can shorten my life. As I spend most of my time on the computer, reading, writing or watching TV, I must not sit down for more than one hour at a time. I must stand up and walk a few steps.
3. I have developed a habit of taking a few deep breaths whenever I remember. I can do it at any time, while sitting, driving or waiting for something. I always take a few deep breaths before I go to sleep.
4. When I wake up I usually drink 2 glasses of water. I eat only fruits and drink a cup of coffee for breakfast. Pineapple is my favourite fruit. I do not eat anything until lunch. In between I may drink some water. In this way I can keep my weight down.
5. I drink one glass of wine with my lunch and I have a nap for about an hour. I also drink another glass of wine before I sleep every night. Wine will improve blood circulation and reduce stress.
6. After my afternoon nap, I make a pot of Chinese tea which keeps me awake so that I can enjoy the rest of my day.

This is what I do for my mental health:

Always keep your mind occupied by reading, writing, playing computer, managing my share investment [2] or watching TV. This will slow down the loss of memory.
1. Although I have completely retired from executive work as company director for which I was paid, I am now working harder and longer hours than before and no one pays me a salary. I find working is the most wonderful entertainment and I enjoy doing what I am doing.
2. After having lived for so long, I accept human weaknesses and forgive those who irritate me. Why should I feel angry just because someone misbehaves? I have only a few close friends and they do not mind if I do something stupid.
3. Avoid working more than an hour at a time, have a short break. Take a holiday once a week. Occasionally go for longer holidays for a change of environment.
4. I must mention my wife’s important contribution. She takes care of my daily needs without which I would not have lived so long and happy.
5. I love my wife, I love myself and people in general. I enjoy all the good things in life.
6. I also love music, especially classical music. It keeps me calm and smoothen my life. I think it also keeps my blood pressure down.
7. I frequently see my doctor to check my blood pressure which is most important if you want to live a long life.


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