The Division Bell

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“United we stand; divided we fall.”

This is a phrase nearly all of us have heard since childhood. The volume of wisdom contained within that simple sentence is utterly astounding and the war upon it has been as desperate as it has been insidious.
In recent years many children have not been taught this simple phrase or its accompanying ideology.

The reason for this is easily understood by those who see the despicable truth about our government, leaders, and the hypocrisy with which many of them conduct their day-to-day business and live their lives.
The layman though, is given and expected to believe that it is for the betterment of our children that they not be imprinted with such hateful dogma as national pride, mistrust of authority, and brotherhood.

Such concepts are empowering to a people and encourage citizenship and philanthropy toward those less fortunate, quite simply; it makes them the equal of all others who share this ideal regardless of how high and mighty they are in the world.

Many of our leaders and others within the Western nations’ power structure would prefer the return of their own Golden Age though, a return to a more feudal society where they are the lords and we are their helpless serfs.

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