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Some of you are aware that I lecture part-time at a local college in Penang in the Pre-University department. This has been a very good year for the Centre for Pre-University Studies and CPUS Academic Dept Head Ewen Yeoh is glowing with pride. :-) Kudos to all students and faculty staff. :-)

According to Mr. Ewen Yeoh, 41% of our KDU students had at least 3a's in AS-level!!!!! Twice over!!!!! (For the uninitiated, our other such feat was in 2006 for A-level proper with 8 out of 24 students scoring straight-A's - the Ng Siew Ming-Yeap Ken Vinn's cohort.) This time round we have a whopping 32 out of 54 with at least 2a's!

One of the best General Paper students I have taught in the 21st century is none other than Justin Looi Su Min (whose essay on "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?" can be accessed AT THIS LINK. He is one of the winners of the 2012 Monash University Essay Competition on Recycling and Sustainability. The prize is an iPad :-). Justin Looi is one of those with straight A's (including General Paper :-))

Here we are in the Principal's Office this morning:

From left: Ewen Yeoh, Justin Looi, Miss Aananthi Seventhy, Country Manager, Offshore - Monash University, yours truly and Mr Chong Yew Kiat, Asst Manager of JMECC.

From left: Ewen Yeoh CPUS Academic Head, Me, Dr. Chong, KDU Principal, Justin Looi, Miss Aananthi Seventhy, Country Manager, Offshore - Monash University, yours truly and Mr Chong Yew Kiat, Asst Manager of JMECC.

Justin Looi receiving his iPad from Miss Aananthi Seventhy, Country Manager, Offshore - Monash University

After the presentation, I had a long chat with Justin in the foyer and when bidding him farewell, I encouraged him to keep on writing and to excel when he gets a place in the university of his dreams.

Justin Looi, I am very proud of you (and all my former students as well). You and the others hold special places in my heart. It has been a pleasure to teach you. Please continue to send me your writings and it will be a pleasure to post them in my humble blog. Take care and God bless you!!!!

3 comments to A Moment To Remember

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    Strange Happenings Thank you teacher!

  1. says:

    Naresh Singh Update:Justin is currently enjoying his studies at Nilai University College.

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    M ws Dear Mr Naresh Singh

    Thank you for the update! Yes, Justin did let me know he is there on a full scholarship. Are you one of his lecturers?

    Wishing you and all your cohorts, including Justin, a wonderful journey in learning..

    God bless.

    Best wishes

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