Leader or Master?

Posted by M ws On Thursday, February 21, 2013 1 comments
I still remember one conversation with a friend during those days when I blogged about political issues. He took umbrage to my reference to 'our leaders' because he argued that politicians exist but not 'political leaders'. A friendly argument ensued and through the years, I gave up my idealistic dreams and became pragmatic and realistic.

Do we have leaders or masters?

Difficult to decide?

Wonder no more.

Click here to read an intellectually stimulating comparison of leaders and masters.

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1 comments to Leader or Master?

  1. says:

    light Hi MWS,

    "Men are born ignorant, not stupid. They are made stupid by education." ~ Bertrand Russell.

    Applying that into our local context, perhaps a good lesson for all to learn is to ask who really control the education system here.

    Another question is if there is a change in who will 'govern' the people, would the new relationship be a 'master-slave' one or would it be one based on mutual respect? That is an important question.

    We trust and admire our so-called leaders too much and too easily at times, without understanding the mechanics behind that trust. Do we only learn and follow from our leaders. Do we not have anything to offer that they could learn from?

    This is the world i want, not a change of leaders who professed to care about us but offered the same solution to the same problems we had been facing for all of humanity.
    In this world everyone is a leader of their own lives, living a life with enough food, adequate shelter, respect for all lives and mother nature and love all around. In short everyone living a good life. This is the life i want for my children, whether i am the parent or not is not important.

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