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The Parliament has yet to be dissolved and many Malaysians like me at the stage where we just want to get it over and done with and move on to the next phase of this nations's development. The fact remains that since the unexpected result of the 2008 election,  more have been fooled and deluded by all the pressies, sweet promises and new melodies that are being sung in various keys and rhythmic tempo till the actual day of reckoning.

It is saddening to note that there are many who have indulged in political forgetfulness. Some may have forgotten what their candidate DID and/or DID NOT DO. Not only do they forget the service record of candidates but also all the challenges or struggles faced in the history of this nation, and how empty promises were never kept.

Tell me, please. In the past few months when leaders talk about the elections, have they ever had the guts to talk about THEIR SERVICE record? Few have done. Whilst some may have done that sincerely, there could be others who have tried to ride on the glory of others and pass these off as their own. And what have they been telling us? The results of their fault-finding mission as to why the other side is NOT good whilst they are the best. Fair? Mature?

The saddening likelihood is that come this election, history is likely to be repeated when people forget the past so much that they will vote blindly or supposedly loyally by voting the party of their choice without considering the quality of the candidate thereby ensuring that the insanity not only persists, but has become endless.

Judging from the past, when the campaign trail gets more exciting, voters can become irrational in their judgement when the speeches/statements heat up and get scandalous, spicy and thrilling. In the process, as a result of disinformation, in a bid to assuage the pain, many may subconsciously remember no more the pain, misery and disappointment suffered under their ADUN or MP.

Instead, time is wasted when opposing camps argue over who is right and who is wrong with little regard of the people's needs except when making promises that are not likely to be kept!

What is sorely needed is an honest to goodness assessment of the suitability of each candidate and leave it to the people to judge and to confirm whether or not he is a political serial liar, exaggerator or just a charismatic speaker or whether indeed he has ALL the qualities of an elected representative.

Is it rational for voters to vote a second time for their representative who has failed to deliver what has been promised in the previous election and if history shows he/she has been nothing but a political liar? A particular candidate who has failed to deliver the package of promises promised in the last election must be written off. Also, those who have served for MANY terms. They need to give way to young blood to be at the helm while they retire gracefully for a good rest.

I am so fed up to see HOW SELFISH are some politicians who do not regard the needs of the people in different constituencies but treat the whole election process as a lottery whereby they DECIDE to stand for election in DIFFERENT constituencies because of party rationale/agenda and reasons that are NOT related to the people's needs. Shouldn't each candidate ASSESS the situation in each constituency and evaluate for themselves if indeed they are the best candidate for that area instead of flying from north to south in an effort to ensure victory? Selfishness or patriotism?

The sad truth is that many media reports may not present an accurate depiction of reality and instead, help or distract people to forget their past experiences and to accept half-baked statements or promises that were never delivered in the previous or coming election. Why? Because one can be easily beguiled if we do not critically think about situations, speeches and quality of candidates.They may have even one too many chances for the representative to serve the people and not just look at the dollars and cents over here.

How I wish there will come a time when voters are savvy to the means and content of communication and be immovable and never persuaded by sweet talk and whatever meaningless handouts that beggars will not even accept.

I guess we are all tired. Tired of promises...and the worst deal is that many others will succumb to the same pattern. What a crying shame!

I wonder how many of us are aware of the job description of elected representatives and whether we have realistic expectations of what they need to do to serve the people and whether they only vote for candidates who can work for their interests or that of their families and neighbours.

The other dangerous trend is how die-hard supporters of a candidate (who may also be key personnel in the election campaign) unconsciously puts themselves in the centre thinking that the elected representative owes them a debt which can only be settled when they ask the candidate for a favour next time. Hence, leaders should concentrate on IMPROVING THEIR PARTY and CANDIDATE instead of being selfish and trying to achieve their hidden agenda.

As the election draws close at hand, let us really do our homework and check up on the party and the candidate so that only the best candidate with the most suitable personality, experience and aspiration is elected and who is truly willing to serve the community is elected. Let us guard ourselves from becoming victims of propaganda, disinformation or misinformation. Think, analyze, reflect, digest and really assess election manifestos, speeches, election paraphernalia and do not simply believe what the content of what you read, watch or listen.

Whatever the case, don't get fooled again by either the party, person, propaganda, presents etc but seriously gauge the QUALITY of the candidate and their sincerity and willingness to serve the PEOPLE and not their masters!!!

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