Exercise 103

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Thanks to Mr SKT who shared the following post.

CLICK HERE to view this youtube clip about a 103 year old man who exercises in bed every morning.

I know, I know it is in Chinese, but you can see him in action. If you want to slow down your aging related illness do spend 30 min a day in bed before you get up.

He goes to bed at 9 pm and wake up at 4 am. Then he does the breathing exercise for an hour.

He only breath the air in not let it out for an hour. In chinese kong-fu, it is called the Turtle breathing method.

Clear your mind, tuck your tummy in. The young man next to him can only do it for 15 min.

The 2nd thing you do is to brush your head, eyes, nose, face, ears for 108 times.

His teeth are all real still at age of 103. When he goes to the bathroom either pee or poo, he will close his mouth and bite down his teeth tight. Also rub your tummy clockwise around the belly button.

Tighten your butt and relax it for 36 times. Lift either legs for 108 times. All these will eliminate all kinds of illness and keep you healthy

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