Funny Quotations on Marriage

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1. Quote on a man's T-shirt:
All women are devils...
But my wife is QUEEN of them!

2. Man was sent on earth to suffer...
Women was sent to make sure it happens!

3. A man asked for poison.
Chemist refused, since it required prescription.

He showed his Marriage Certificate.

4. Marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right,
And other is husband!

5. Husband and Wife always compromise.
Husband always admits that he is wrong, and wife agrees with him.

6. Husband and wife had a long argument.
Wife concluded: See dear; do you want to WIN or be HAPPY?

7. A man speaks 25000 words daily,
a woman speaks 30000 words.
Problem starts when husband comes from office after finishing his 25000, his wife starts her quota of 30000 words!

8. Boy: My dad is billionaire and 93-years old.
He will die soon.
Will you marry me?
Girl: NO.
A week later she became his step-mother.
Moral: Don't give ideas to girls.

9. Two things in life are difficult to achieve:
(1) to plant your idea in someone's head
(2) to plant somebody's money in your pocket.
* He who succeeds in the 1st, we call him TEACHER;
* He who succeeds in the 2nd, we call him GOVERNMENT;
* The one who succeeds in both, we call WIFE;
* The one who fails in both, we call HUSBAND!

10. Husband: Do you know the meaning of WIFE?
It Means-Worries Invited ForEver...
Wife: No; it means- With Idiot ForEver !!!

11. No one teaches a volcano how to erupt...
No one teaches a tsunami how to arise…
No one teaches a hurricane how to sway around...
No one teaches a man how to choose a wife…
Natural Disasters just happen…!!!

12. Why are wives more dangerous than the Mafia?
The mafia wants either or money or life...
The wives want both!

13. Searching these keywords on Google 'How to tackle wife?'
Google search result, 'Good day sir, Even we are searching'.

14. Compromising does not mean you are wrong and your wife is right.
It only means that the safety of your head is much more important than your ego!

15. Imagine living with 3 wives in one compound and never leaving the house for 5 years.
Osama Bin Laden must have called the US Navy Seals himself!

16. Whisky is a brilliant invention…
One double and you start feeling single again.

17. American: In India, do you guys call your wives 'HONEY' in your native language?
Indian: Oh no; we call them BEE-BEE… they sting twice as hard as HONEY BEE…

Have a good day and keep smiling...Thanks to Angela who shared this list.

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