How To Get Rid of Fat Under the Belly Button

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Fat under the belly button can be uncomfortable and unsightly. This area is often a trouble spot and can be difficult to address. By combining regular cardiovascular exercise with a healthy diet and specific exercises to target the problem area, you can reduce overall body weight and the fat under your belly button. Perform two to three sets of 10 to 20 repetitions of each lower-belly exercise on three nonconsecutive days a week.

Ab Pullins

The exercise works the muscles below your belly button and the upper abs and obliques. Begin in a pushup position with your shins resting on a large exercise ball. Your hands should be shoulder-width apart with legs together. Keeping your back straight and your abdominal muscles tight, pull your knees toward your chest, allowing the ball to roll forward down your shins. Squeeze your belly muscles at the end of the movement, then carefully roll the ball back to the starting position by straightening your legs.

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