Optical Illusions and Logos

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Sometimes we may not pay much attention to logos. Not many may be aware of the hours of laborious work that the artist has to put in before he can come up wih something worthy of international recognition.

Some logos may have hidden meanings whilst others may have optical illusions. Take a look at this logo of the Pittsburgh Zoo. Look at it carefully. Do you see what I see? Apart from the two birds flying away, there are two animals. Can you see them?

How about this one?

Did you ever think beyond that sweet nougat chocolate bar that you enjoy so much? What animal do you see in the graphic? Why? Hint" Toblerone originated from Berne, Switzerland whose symbol is what you should see in the logo.

Do you see any sign in the following logo?

What can you see between 'E' and 'x'? Why?

Let's look at the next one:

Do you see a man bent over in a cycling pose over the front wheel of a bicycle?

Finally, here's a very meaningful logo:

Note the arrow stretching from the letter 'a' to 'z'. What could be the subliminal message?

Do share your comments and/or other logos of interest. Thanks! Have a lovely evening!

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