Overcome Procrastination

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Do you struggle with procrastination?

You’re definitely not alone. For centuries, men and women have dealt with procrastination.

Countless sayings and books have been written to tease, poke at, and create a little humor over the topic.
However, procrastination can be crippling…

It can lead to one’s financial ruin, and has been known to destroy relationships.

Overcoming procrastination is the key to success in life, love, and anything you want to accomplish!
Use this quick guide to accelerate your success and don’t let procrastination steal your dream.

10 Steps to Take Charge of Your Life Now!

To overcome procrastination, you must embrace time management. If you are disorganized and don’t use a fixed schedule, then you give your procrastination demons room to maneuver and lure you in.

Stating something like, “I’ll do that later today,” is the recipe for not getting it done at all. It’s important to note, though, that time management is not the only key to overcoming this frustrating and sometimes crippling behavior.

These 10 steps will help guide you to be productive and accomplish more during each and every day.

Step 1: Analyze the tasks at hand

Determine what you have to do. The larger the tasks are in front of you, the more overwhelming they can seem. Can this task be broken down into smaller assignments?

You’ll discover that most can be done in segments.

Cleaning the yard after a long winter can seem like a major job, but if you break it down into cleaning the front yard one day, then the back the next, then it is no longer as intimidating.

Step 2: Set a deadline

You need to begin establishing a deadline for your tasks and stick to it. If you state that you will have the front yard cleaned by tomorrow, then make sure it is done.

Step 3: Find someone to hold you accountable

If you feel that you might still put off doing what you’ve established a deadline for, then find someone to hold you accountable.

When someone is looking over your shoulder like a boss, you can be inspired to stick to your schedule.

Make sure you choose someone whose respect you cherish.

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