The Guilty One

Posted by M ws On Saturday, March 9, 2013 2 comments
Dog lovers would probably agree when I say that humans are kinder to their pets than their own kids when dealing with their naughty behaviour. However, how many of you know that some dogs cannot lie and own up to their guilt when their antics have been discovered?

The first dog who dared to come out in YouTube and confess with a guilty look is none other than Denver.

This official Denver Guilty Dog video has more than 23 million hits with over 20 000 comments.

CLICK HERE to watch.

Denver also appeared on Good morning, America together with his owners and fellow canine friend.

CLICK HERE to watch.

Julie Hecht has written an excellent post here on guilt.

It is definitely a MUST READ so please CLICK HERE to read her thoughts after you have watched those two videos.

Have a nice day!

2 comments to The Guilty One

  1. says:

    achibong If only Denver learns a trick or two from her breed in Putrajaya, she can have all the kitty cat treats she wants, minus the guilt, and never have to worry about going to the dog house.

    But then, the origin of Denver’s pedigree will come to question.

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith *clapping*

    Thank you, achibong, for your witty response. It is almost as if you read the real reason why I posted this and what was on my mind!

    Take care and stay in touch. Always a pleasure to hear from you!


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