Time to Clean Up

Posted by M ws On Friday, March 1, 2013 4 comments
I have spent at least four hours cleaning up my social media accounts. Why?

Because one particular platform has introduced something which is in beta at the moment. Once it is launched...whoooooa...serious implications. Now, applicants are put on a waiting list thereby increasing the exclusivity and prestige of that application.

Contrary to what many may still think, I really do not read political news anymore and know vaguely what is happening thanks to my husband who fills me in vaguely. The bulk of my time is spent with Tiger, my beloved dog, and also reading IT stuff which is my passion.

In fact, I told the IT manager of a shop that I frequent that I am willing to work as an apprentice for him without salary just so that I can learn more than what I can glean from the net. He looked at me with eyes wide open.

Anyway, those of you who still mess around with social media, please READ THIS LINK.

And if you are not convinced yet, then swing over TO THIS SITE. You will be bowled over and stumped by the volume of information that a stalker or enemy can get about you.

So, my advice to you is to do a privacy scan of your account and take the necessary steps to tighten your security measures.

Anything you do which includes liking something, commenting, posting links, tagging photos or allowing others to tag you and not limiting past posts etc etc will seriously undermine your security.

I only keep my social media account just so that former students can contact me. I have no interest in it and don't play games although I do confess I was into werewolves, vampires and slayers when it first started.

In fact, I was about to categorise some people into lists when to my delight, I discovered that they had unfriended me. I am so happy they did that cos it reflects their smallmindedness. :-) Yahoooooooo!

Anyway, it is not a joke untagging myself from over 1000 cartoon/graphics/poems etc.

I am going to sleep now and hope that you all will think twice before using social media any more. I knew about this years ago and never really believed it could do what naysayers said...until this one came about and then this one.

Eventually, this blog will be open to only registered readers but I have hesitated cos I get a lot of readers coming in from various search engines on my literature and music posts. Nonetheless, in time, it will be closed. So, if you have yet to subscribe, please do so and the feeds will be delivered to your mailbox at no cost. However, remember to validate your email once you click subscribe as the link to verify your email will be sent to your inbox. Failure to verify your email will mean the feeds cannot be delivered to your inbox. Thanks!

Have a wonderful evening and weekend.

4 comments to Time to Clean Up

  1. says:

    UP41 If you think this new FB feature is dangerous then you should turn off / uninstall the whatsapp, viper and whatnot on your mobile. Social M will only get things tag or post, mobile app go much deeper. more personal and more dangerous.

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Thanks, UP!

    Yup, I know whatsapp and other VOIP is dangerous which is why I am now using OLD and lau beh Nokia phones - the type where u drop it fr the 5th floor and yet, it can still work. LOL

    Anyway, I only whatsapp with a handful of ppl esp my family & relatives cos it is in a different number that few know...

    It is so easy to **** an android. Easier than a pc or laptop! Google for it and you will be shocked!


    I am still deleting my FB.

    Friday 4 hours. Yesterday 5 hours and it has been 3 hours today and I am still deleting. Which is why i have not updated my blog at all.

    Viva la lau beh phones and old laptops or desktops! :-)


  1. says:

    UP41 As long as you have these apps on, you are subjected to monitoring / hacking. For risk management you may not want to use these apps with close one bec it will expose them if someone hack into yr mobile

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Aiya I am but a retiree and no longer even read political stuff...let them monitor to their hearts' delight for I have nothing to hide. Besides, I only whatsapp with my son and a few close friends including my former students so they can enjoy the mundane exchange :-).

    However, for those who are involved in the next GE, they should seriously consider not using smart phones even though it is expected technology can have a strong bearing on the course to be taken.

    So I am with you, UP41 in using lau beh Nokia phones and I gladly say that you were right months ago not to jump on the bandwagon of smartphones.


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