Unabashed Devotion to Loving

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I can wax lyrical about my beloved dog from dawn till dusk and know that many other pet lovers out there can do the same.

Truly, dogs are the best friends that man can have because of many reasons. As I grow older, I am increasingly more discerning when it comes to human relationships. Suffice to say, I trust few and talk to even fewer to preserve my sanity. Frankly, I have never been happier this way. The most unusual trend is that all the new friends I have made in the last one year are over 65 years of age and for that I am most grateful because they are ever willing to share their wisdom and life's precious lessons with me.

Coming back to the topic, I doth declare that Tiger IS my best friend for many reasons.

1. He is non-judgemental.

When I am late in giving him his meal for one reason or another, he does not complain nor does he judge me for being less responsible.

If I do not respond to his manja overtures, he still continues to love me and looks at me with the deepest most adoring eyes.

Even though my younger son has chosen a very dark piece by Prokofiev - Piano Concerto No 2 for his LTCL exam this year, Tiger still sits at his feet faithfully, tolerating the awful melody quietly. His ears twitch non-stop because the melody is so :-( and yet he loves my son enough to sit through the whole practice.

On the contrary, I grumble non-stop and unceasingly question why on earth he chose such a piece and then once he begins his piece, I flee to my room, lock the door and hide....:-(  CLICK HERE to listen to that piece which Nick said he chose (despite the unmelodious and dark nature of the piece) because he wanted to learn many techniques from that composition. *salute

This scenario alone has taught me LOTS about love and how important it is to be non-judgemental and not to condemn people. At the same time, I do admit that my decision to stop political blogging has helped me to develop positively as I don't look out for the negative side of topics but look at what can be done (realistically, not idealistically) to make our world a better place.

2. He is sensitive to my mood.

If I am in a tensed or irritable mood, he stays away from me and does not nag, moralise or lecture. At the same time, when I call him, he responds and is there to listen to me or to make me happy just by being who he is.

3. He is faithful and true in all circumstances.

Regardless of whether I give him his favourite treats or not, he is always there for me, waiting for me when I come home, ready to greet me, jump on me and to wait for me to cuddle him and to tell him how much I love him.

4. Tiger is understanding and accepts change with no temper tantrums

On rainy days when he cannot go out for his walks, all I need to do is to tell him that he cannot have his usual romp because of weather conditions and then he will docilely sit in his favourite corner and look at me. Later, when he has to do his business, he will go to the bathroom on his own...

5. Tiger has taught my family to be more caring and sensitive to his needs.

Initially, we never said goodbye to Tiger when we left the house for errands etc. I did notice his sad expression and thought nothing of it but after two weeks, I would bid him goodbye and noticed he was less despondent...then I would let him listen to instrumental music to soothe his nerves :-) and upon my return, would find him sleeping quietly. Thereafter, I told my husband and son to always remember to pat his head and to tell Tiger that they were going out but would return soon to play with him. Indeed, it has really made a world of difference!

6. If anything, Tiger has taught me to be more loving and understanding and that above all else, happiness matters.

In my life, I have met all kinds of characters - and have little affinity for choleric personalities who:
..."can dominate people of other temperaments with their strong wills, especially phlegmatic types, and can become dictatorial or tyrannical. Many great charismatic military and political figures were cholerics. They like to be in charge of everything and are good at planning, as they often can immediately see a practical solution to a problem." Source: HERE

Tiger has reminded me that not everyone is like that and that regardless, we should just enjoy the joy that each day brings and fret not over such characters but to be happy at all times.

Suffice to say that I have never been happier since Tiger came into my life. I see life very differently and am constantly filled with many moments of joy, happiness and fulfilment knowing that even as I shower Tiger with love, affection and sometimes spoil him now and then, his devotion and love for my family and me is simply incomparable. His faithfulness and dedication to guarding the home is astounding and barks only when necessary.

Today, I surfed the net for stories about dogs and came across this site which warmed my heart knowing that pets are real blessings to their owners.

The story that I love most and really made me cry quite unabashedly is:

Dog of the Year Photo Gallery- Photo 18

Of course, all the other stories are beautiful and most inspiring so please check out all 19 stories.

Have a lovely day and if you are thinking of getting a dog or a cat, please adopt one rather than buy one. There are many owners out there who want to give away their pets for various reasons/circumstances so do ask around. I can assure you that the dividend for such a decision is priceless!

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  1. says:

    Lotus Eater You are so right.

    My eight-year-old female Doberman passed away just two months ago after suffering from throat cancer. She was most dignified in facing her last few days, even digging her own grave in a corner of my garden. She walked slowly, using the last iota of her strength, to lie beside her grave just an hour beside her death on the 22nd of January.

    Euro, that's her name, never stopped working all her life, except for the last two days of her time on earth. Every day from midnite till dawn, she would be seen from my CCTV, patrolling all corners of my house compound, ensuring that we all could sleep peacefully under her guard.

    Her death has a profound impact in all of us, almost like losing a member of human family. I have, over the years, kept and lost two other pedigrees (Rotweillor and Boxer), but in them, never had I the pains and sorrows of Euro's passing. I miss her extreme loyalty, dedication to work, and obedience, attributes of which few human can emulate.

    We are looking out for another female Doberman, hopefully Euro can be resurrected, if not in life, at least in our hearts.

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