Abdominal Massage - The Natural Laxative

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Constipation is a pain, literally and figuratively. Over-the-counter laxatives are often pushed as the quick fix, but they’re not without their problems. Herbal laxatives can produce unpleasant cramping. Stimulant laxatives are just harsh and require that you set aside your entire day in order to manage the violent effects they produce. What if there was a way to relieve constipation and it was inexpensive, non-invasive, free of nasty side effects, and you could perform it yourself? There is, allow me to introduce you to abdominal massage.

What is Abdominal Massage?

Abdominal massage is fairly self explanatory: the abdomen and intestinal areas are massaged with different motions and pressure (always comfortable, never painful). The massage action naturally helps to stimulate peristalsis, decrease colonic transit time and increase the frequency of bowel movements. It also reduces the discomfort typically associated with constipation. Abdominal massage has no adverse side effects and you can easily do it yourself.

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