In the Last Days....

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Most people would have heard of Nostradamus and if you have not, click here to read all about him. If you have heard about Nostradamus, perhaps you might want to visit this site and know the ten incredible Nostradamus predictions that came true.

This site gives you information regarding Nostradamus' secret prophecies of the last Pope.

Click here to read about the prophecy of the Popes.

Finally, please read BBC's report here.


When Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation on 11 February, it wasn't the only shock to hit the Vatican. There were also electrical shocks, as two separate bolts of lightning struck St Peter's. An act of God, some concluded - but how unlikely is such an event?

Let us look first at St Peter's Basilica.

"The risk factors include the dimensions of the structure, its location and its location relative to other buildings around it," explains Matthew Waldrum from Omega Red Group, who assesses the risk of lightning hitting buildings.

"The construction material of the building is obviously also very important.

"It's an extremely large structure. It's not exactly isolated, but it certainly towers over its surroundings, which means that lightning is more likely to hit it than any of the surrounding buildings."

The fact that no damage occurred to the basilica suggests that it is quite well protected against lightning.

But Waldrum and his colleagues carried out a theoretical calculation of the risk of loss of life due to lightning in a similar building frequented by large numbers of people, in a similar setting - assuming the lack of any lightning protection. CLICK HERE for more.

CLICK HERE to view a video recording of that event.


1. I am not attacking Catholics.

2. I am not converting anyone to any religion.

3. I am merely sharing historical information with regards to Nostradamus and St Malachy's writings.

4. If I have offended you in any way, please accept my apologies.

I would encourage everyone to study current events and see the common line running through.

We are definitely living in very exciting but frightening times.

God bless you.

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