Ladder in the Water

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Recently, The Actors' Studio held a successful reading of the book 'Ladder in the Water' by Feroz Dawson at The Actors Studio @ Lot 10 which saw the likes of Dato' Faridah Merican (author's mother), Joe Hasham OAM, and Ida Nerina among the readers. This evening, the same event will be held in Penang at Gallery 2, penangpac, Straits Quay @ 8 p.m. The book is published by The Actors Studio Sdn Bhd (Malaysia).

According to Mr. Ooi Kee How, Theatre Manager of penangpac:

Feroz Dawson's stories feature Malaysians bonding in their carefree besotted youth, arriving at the cusp of adult responsibilities and maturity to be confronted with weightier matters like death, marriage, politics.

'Fireworks' is about complex responses to the loss of a friend in a road-accident; the good dying young may be fine in a rebel song lyric, but the reality of a coffin is a different thing altogether. The juvenile vandal expressing political dissidence in 'A Drop of Silver' grows into the unmoved protagonist in 'No One Has Claimed Responsibility' who listens to a political rant dictating spiritual purity and thinks of food. Enduring relationships show signs of strain and fissure in 'Ladder in the Water' while a new one is formalised in 'The Licence'.

A generation grows up together and then moves on, away, takes different paths, and if that generation is lucky there will be a writer like Feroz Dawson to record their emotional starts and stops and stutters, as in these stories.

Dr Tom is actually the principal of Enhance Education, Straits Quay. Dr Craig-Cameron has extensive leadership and management experience in the fields of international relations, international education and English language teaching. He has served as Director of the British Council in Malaysia and in Pakistan, and as Counsellor for Educational and Cultural Affairs in the British Embassy in China: in all those operations teaching English and managing British Examinations were major businesses.

He also was Education Attaché to the British Embassy in Washington DC, USA, and Science Programme Manager for the British Council in China and in Saudi Arabia. Within the British Council in the UK he was Director of UK Partnerships responsible for all levels and types of education from universities through colleges and language schools to primary schools. He chaired the Management Boards for the UK Educational Counselling Service and for Accreditation UK* - a special partnership with English Language schools throughout the UK to quality assure and accredit language schools and ensure high standards of English language teaching and professional ethics.

If you are free, please attend this reading. It will be a very meaningful evening. Come and discover why...See you there!

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