One Night Only?

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Recently, Britain’s Got Talent started again and for the second time,  Arisxandra Libantino - an 11 year old Filipina residing in UK took to the stage performing the Jennifer Hudson song ‘One Night Only’. If you just listen to her voice without watching the video, you would probably think that mature and powerful voice is that of an adult, not an 11 year old sweet girl.

Back in 2011, at the age of nine, she previously appeared on BGT but the judges decided not to put her through to the live semi-finals and her audition was never even broadcast. I watched the 2011 recording of her performances and must say she has improved quite a bit since then, especially in the clarity of her pronunciation and enuciation.

However, some quarters objected to Arisxandra's choice of song.

Excerpt from HERE:

Mediawatch UK were among the first to hit out at the primetime TV show and director Vivienne Pattison told The Daily Mail: 
 “Having an 11-year-old girl sing an adult song like this is simply sexualising children. It’s incredibly damaging because this show is marketed at primary school children.  
 “ITV appear to have completely ignored the Ofcom guidelines – I don’t even know why they put the guidelines out. This kind of thing is not what families want to see. 

 “We are sleepwalking into a situation where pornography is the norm.” MORE HERE.
I do agree that it was a bad choice for such a young kid but let's forget about the morality of the lyrics for the moment...just spare a few minutes to watch the UK’s latest singing sensation Arisxandra Libantino..

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