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I have not had time to update my blog because I am currently attending the Short and Sweet Theatre Workshop on  Play writing and Directing by Alex Broun from Australia.

Alex Broun is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and Rugby journalist who has worked extensively with Short+Sweet (Short and Sweet), the world's largest ten-minute theatre festival. Known as the "Shakespeare of short plays" he is one of the world’s leading ten-minute playwrights, with 90 ten minute plays produced in over 850 productions in more than 25 countries around the world. In 2008 he launched his website which is now one of the world's leading websites for ten-minute plays. (Source: HERE)

If you are free this weekend, please swing by to penangpac and attend the courses that are being run in BM, Mandarin and English. Each session is only 10RM.

Having attended the first session last night, I can assure you that it is time well-spent. It is one thing to write on your own and another thing to write in the presence of others and then to share your ideas to the participants and to listen to the critique from a world-class playwright.

Mr. Alex Broun is a very good facilitator and very encouraging in his comments. It has been an enriching learning experience and I am off for Session 2 now. The best surprise was meeting Yasmin again. She was in my A-level class in 2001. Sitting beside me last night, she recognised the way I gesticulated with my hands when talking :-). Today, she is a writer for INPenang and Essence magazine.

So if you are free, swing over to Studio 2 @ penangpac for the workshops or the public showcase tomorrow evening.

Have a wonderful day!

*Update: I could not go for Session 2. Roads were flooded and the jam was horrid! :-(

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