Sleep Sabotage

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Here's an article by Shana Lebowitz that is very useful to all of us:

After a marathon meeting day at work or a blowout with a significant other, it may seem impossible to enjoy eight hours of blissful sleep. But those tough times may be when we really need the rest, since skimping on sleep actually makes it more difficult to handle stress. So stop tossing and turning. We've got the best tips on how to get a good night’s sleep even when you're stressed.

Beat the Bedtime Blues -- Your Action Plan Don't work in bed, or even in the bedroom. Turning the sheets and pillows into a makeshift desk makes it harder to see the bed as a place for rest. And definitely put away the laptop, phone, and any other technological devices well before bedtime. The artificial light coming out of these gadgets can mess up the body's natural sleep cycles.

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