The Chilling Warning

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I enjoy reading THIS SITE because the content is well-written, supported with logical arguments and evidence. In the last decade, their predictions have come true, adding credibility to their assessments.

CLICK HERE to see their latest presentation.

1. And if you are not convinced about what they said (especially the historical part) please CLICK HERE to find out the real reason behind this famous tragedy.

2. Read this post about that man.

3. CLICK HERE for the most perfect crime.

4. Pdf file and other resources.

5. Unsinkable sinks.

6. The trap?

7. The Untold Story

8. Another theory

Names and direct references have been left out of this post so that it will not appear in any search engine or alerts.

Remember - things are not as simple.

Seek and you shall find the truth behind what appears to be facts.

The same applies in our own backyard.

God bless you and all of us.

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