The Man on the Roof

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National tragedies like Monday’s Boston marathon bombing are fertile ground for conspiracy theorists, especially when information has been so scarce in the immediate aftermath. As such, it’s probably no surprise that already, evidence and hypotheses are circulating among conspiratorial denizens of the internet, attempting to prove some sort of sinister government motive and/or irregularities regarding the bombing.

Nearly all of these theories are either based on false evidence, or appeal to general paranoia. However, for the sake of clarity, it’s worth pointing them out in order to expose these problems, and to avoid unnecessary panic in the aftermath of one of the most brutal recent national tragedies. Below are the top five most ridiculous conspiracy theories put forward about the Boston marathon bombing, in order from least insane to most insane.

5. The man on the roof

Since yesterday’s bombing, the following blurry photo has become something of a minor sensation, with massive amounts of Twitter users and even the Drudge Report pointing to it as an object of suspicion:

The reason for the increased suspicion surrounding this photo should be obvious: It purports to show a figure walking on one of the buildings near the explosion, and viewers are wondering whether the figure in question could have anything to do with what happened. Perhaps the photo caught the bomber himself fleeing the scene?

Adding fuel to the fire is this little nugget of information from the Christian Science Monitor:


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  1. says:

    light Einstein once said the intuitive mind is a gift while the rational mind is a faithful servant.

    We already know this is a conscious, purposeful act of terror not commited by God, nature, aliens, ghosts or other living beings besides human.

    That this entails a lot of careful planning is obvious for all to see, if one cares to see. So, it is not done by a lunatic or someone who is mentally insane, though in a real sense it is an an insane act.

    The question is, if it is not done by a mental case, who would, or could have done this? Who would stand to gain the most from committing this atrocious and inhuman act?

    From intuition we already knows who did this. The actual person who did it matters little. It's the real mastermind that matters.

    Maybe we have to learn to trust our intuition more.

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