Are You Looking for It Too?

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"Dad, everyone is looking for happiness. But what is meant by happiness?" This was one of the questions a wise boy in India, Sveta-ketu, put to his father many centuries ago.

 "One of the signs of happiness, son, is that a person who has it becomes active. A person who does not find happiness does not feel like being active. His mind is cramped, his will is weak. What is vast & infinite brings happiness. There is no true joy in what is small or finite. I can tell you that the Infinite alone is happiness; but you must desire to understand this Infinite, my son."

 "I want to understand it, Dad," said Sveta-ketu.

"Good," said his father. "Then you must listen carefully to what I say & think deeply about it:

"When a person sees that nothing & no one is separate from him, that he is one with all the people, animals, and objects in the universe, when a person sees & hears & knows nothing else - that is the Infinite.

"But, if one sees or feels some other thing, obstructing him, separating him, then that is the finite. He has not yet found the Infinite.

"The Infinite never passes away; it lasts forever; but what is finite will pass away."

-Chhandogya Upanishad-

*Thanks to YK who sent me this post.

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