Don't Quit!

Posted by M ws On Thursday, May 2, 2013 0 comments

Reading the latest news is certainly very unnerving. During such trying times, all of us need a little bit of encouragement to press on.

Often times, it is when things get difficult when many face the temptation of giving up but in reality – THIS IS THE EXACT MOMENT one has to to fight and work harder. And this also applies to our conviction with regards to the choices we need to make for Sunday.

If you believe you can do something for this nation, regardless of how insignificant we are, just do it. It is our prerogative.

Reading the news just shows those bad days seem to be here, when nothing seems to go right, when madness is increasing and ludicrous accusations get more and more bizarre ..when you just want to give up. That is when we have to rise from the ashes and break through… go above and beyond – because if we can convince ourselves it is possible, then it IS.

. Consider this poem by Clinton Howell. Let us be of good cheer and high spirits to press on.

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