Moving On

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The past few weeks have been defining moments in my life.

I learnt what it means to have a friend who cares, who truly respects and accepts us lock, stock and barrel regardless of differences and to express these in acts and words of kindness and love. 

I just want to say a very big thank you to friends, readers/subscribers (especially those I have never ever met before but have been reading my blog regularly) for sending me the most encouraging emails, caring notes, meaningful and sensitively thought of advice, even links/articles for my delicate health condition.

Indeed, I am deeply touched by your thoughtfulness, kindness and acceptance. Words are insufficient to express my heartfelt gratitude for the way you have touched my life, heart and being. Thank you to those who demonstrated tolerance, compassion and empathised with my predicament, cared and neither judged nor condemned me.

The elegance, humility and sincerity of five readers taught me so much about what it means to be human. For one particular reader whose emails are very short with powerful observations and statements, thank you for from you, I learnt what it means to be at peace with oneself. The exemplary lifestyle, speech, thoughts and deeds of these friends/readers, have triggered a paradigm shift in my perspective to life. I just feel very blessed that for the greater part of my life, I had tried my best to help young people and now, when I am in my sunset years, God brought these five readers/friends into my life. Older and wiser than me, I believe they are angels sent from above to guide me, to be a beacon shining into my soul showing me the way to go.

It has not been an easy road coping with ageing, menopausal symptoms raging and also coping with the harsh and horrible reality of the stark absence of the critical mind and correct work attitude in students.  You know who you are and I pray God will continually bless you and your families. Many, especially those in education and who know/understand my committed effort to teach, to impart knowledge and to transform minds, are aware of how hard I have tried to make a difference. After two near death experiences - one last year and another this year, there comes a time when one has to let go and just move on. Hence, my resignation to preserve my health, both physical and mental. 

Following that, I had allergies and spent a lot of time sleeping. zzzzzzzzzzzzz I actually slept through two consecutive weekends (second and third weekend of May) and today, I can say I feel best for the whole of this year.

I always feel that it is good to take stock of life at different points in my life and this is one of them.

In 2008, one reader told me that I lack wisdom and discernment in choosing who to befriend/trust. I felt quite indignant then but I can safely say that by 2011, I realized that what he told me succinctly is true and now in 2013, I believe I finally learnt what he was trying to impart to me.

it is very validating to have quite a number of my former students reaching out to me in the most mysterious ways. Out of the blue, I have crossed paths with a number of them lately and it has been most validating to see them telling their children in front of me as to how I changed their lives, taught them life's lessons and most of all, improved their writing abilities tremendously. One even told me that he will be sending his children to me if I can find the time/strength to coach them. Some even asked their spouses to befriend me so as to consult me re how to teach their kids. To me, these are the best dividends of the energy and commitment I invested in teaching them.

Coming round in a full circle, whereas in the past, I motivated students to chase their dreams, these students have been spurring me to chase my dreams and offering me their assistance in terms of advice, guidance, books and materials.

Some who heard of my resignation responded and wrote short but touching emails to express their gratitude and to confirm that what I taught them is still in their hearts, still relevant and still being applied.

For all these students, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. 

For those of you who have been reading my blog regularly, swinging by habitually to see what other maddening stuff I have shared - I want you to know that it is your daily visit (some of you actually come a few times a day!!! THANK YOU!!!) which fuels my commitment to blog.

I have not been posting as often as I used to and now you know why. It has been a rough road for the past five months. Realistically, I have gone through a major change in character, perspective and many other areas and I do not regret reaching where I am today.

Thank you for being part of my life and I hope that as I move on, this time as a student, you will still visit my blog and hopefully, be ready to share your experiences, knowledge and skills either via the comment box, contribution of articles - written or shared, or whatever way your heart desires.

Here are some snapshots to give weight to what I wrote earlier.

This photo was taken last night at Evergreen Laurel Hotel, Penang. The gentleman beside me is Eddie, who was in my Certificate and Diploma class for Business Communication and Presentation 1997 and 1998. His lovely wife, Cindy, recently resigned from an American MNC to be a full-time housewife to take care of their beautiful children.Eddie is a third generation Chinese sinseh and has a shop in town and also in Lip Sin. 

I was very blessed to see him again last night and to exchange views re Chinese herbs, local issues and parenting skills.
The fact that we could just take off from where we left off decades ago to renew ties and deepen friendship is a heartwarming experience. May God bless him and his family always.

We were all at Angel's wedding last night. Angel was also in the same class as Eddie and the other students who never fail to visit me every Chinese New Year since 1998.

So for now, I just live day by day and am thankful when I can wake up each morning for another day to study, learn, read as much as I can and be as happy as I can be.

May God bless you with health, happiness and love.

My apologies for this abrupt ending....rushing off for Iron Man 3 at the cinema :-) with my son who just took his ATCL diploma exam for his violin this morning!!! Cheerio!

2 comments to Moving On

  1. says:

    Proud2bMalaysian I am sure you know you have made a life changing move for the better. It is relative to your own life and I wish you good health, peace and happiness in this new chapter of life.

    Keep writing as it keeps you sane and in touch with the world.

    God bless!

  1. says:

    M ws Thank you, Proud2bMalaysian. I am so sorry for this very late response. I am caught up with so much reading and have become more forgetful.
    I appreciate your sincere wishes and encouragement. Even though I do not know who you are, your presence in this blog via your visits and comments has made blogging and writing a very worthwhile experience.
    Take care and please keep in touch!
    Warmest wishes

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