Unbelievable!! All for the Love of Power and Money?

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The way things are going, it is better to stay at home and listen to classical music. Or to watch episodes of Fawlty Towers, Green Acres or Gomer Pyle etc via YouTube.

Reading certain news items can be a most stressful affair.

MK has a report HERE about $$$ politics.

Watch two YouTube videos here which were filmed in Penang.

CLIP # 1

CLIP # 2

And of course there are reports of how some chose to sport a new hair trend.

CLICK HERE for lots of images.

Of course I am against money politics etc but I feel that some are circumventing the issue of money politics.

1. It is totally illogical to encourage people to take the $$$ and vote another party. Absolutely NOT!

If one is against money politics, one must be wholly and totally against it. There has to be pride, integrity in what we say, think or do like what I wrote here on Greed, Fear and Winning Elections.

People must be taught or made to realize that there can never be room for any hypocrisy or double standards. If they do not support a particular group, then they should NOT attend the function, accept gifts or associate with them. Silence is the best form of communication. Not hot air, not condemnation of any sort. Just maintain one's pride and dignity by being true to their words.

2. Going bald.

Going bald has religious and social significance. Some even do it for political reasons.

Here is the biblical perspective (only for NON-MUSLIMS): Spiritual Meaning of Going bald

Buddhist perspective of going bald.

Secular significance of going bald.

I believe there are other ways of handling allegations of money politics than for just some to go bald. For example, make a police report, give a press conference or provide documented evidence.

If there is to be any impact, ALL should go bald. That is one sure way of making a stand.

That is because members of the public are likely to ask, why didn't ALL THE OTHERS do the same? Or why one spouse only? It gives rise to the question of whether the others who did not choose to shave bald feel differently about the issue. Such a situation should not arise at all.

Do not get me wrong. I am totally against money politics and have nothing against going bald but to make a definite statement - I strongly feel it is ALL or none. Yet, this act of going bald should be maybe the fourth or fifth step as other avenues are available.

3. The Value System

Personally, it is not politics that has gone to the dogs.

It is the value system in this country.

Values such as ethics, respect, dignity, integrity, honesty and excellence in what we say or do.

Values that leaders should inculcate in their followers.

Values that parents should be true to their children.

Values that once upon a time....were abundant and overflowing in this land.

As far as I am concerned, things have gone overboard.

Look at the amount of WASTAGE in the election paraphernalia.

The flags. The wood used to prop up those flags.



Raffia string.

Banners left half hanging in the air.

Are these necessary?

Absolutely not.

What about the full page advertisements?

All the money that has been spent.

All of which could have been used for charity or for infrastructure or tangible goods that benefit the poor, the elderly etc in real terms!

What sort of nation have we become?

Vote wisely.

May God save and bless Malaysia.

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