Coffee Can Prevent Eleven Diseases

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As a coffee aficionado, I was thoroughly delighted when LYK sent me the following post taken from this link.


Frankly, we’ll find any excuse we can to indulge in a cup of joe — or four. So when the Internet blows up with the latest medical study touting the newest health benefits of coffee, we’re all ears.

The latest news? Coffee is now widely reported to reduce joint pain, especially in the wrists, hands, back, and neck. Study participants were tested doing the traditional office work after a cup of coffee (while the control had no coffee), and then self-reported a much lower intensity of pain if they had had a cup. (So if you’re crouched over at a desk, like me right now, drink up.) Now, those daily Starbucks runs are justified!

But the truth is, coffee hasn’t always been touted for its health benefits. The old wives' tale that it’ll stunt your growth may have been debunked, but there are other drawbacks that make us question the java. Some negatives? Headaches, insomnia (a given for caffeine-aholics), heartburn, and palpitations, reports CNN. And we think it’s safe to say that a milky, sugary, fatty iced coffee isn’t going to do wonders for your health.

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