How Bees Do It

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Birds do it. Bees do it. … Most have heard the many eloquent ways of saying "it" while still flitting around the word "sex." But how do bees do it?

Turns out, at least for honeybees, sex is an acrobatic, open-air event. A typical honeybee colony comprises a large queen, 200 or so male drones whose sole purpose is to have sex with the queen, and thousands of small, sterile female worker bees.

When it's time to mate, the queen bee will fly to an area where hoards of drones are congregated in the air, waiting for their virgin. (Scientists still don't know how the queen and drones know where to meet up.) Some have said the phenomenon looks like "drone comets," as the drones chase the queen, with continual consolidation and disassembly of the "courting" drones.

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