It Will Be Forever....

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My older boy came home on Monday afternoon and went back to KL at 2.30p.m. today.  Even after 5.5 years, I am still NOT used to him being away from home. We had an impromptu jamming sesssion just before he left. I would have wanted more but he had practices with his Beat in the Street trio for their recording on Wednesday night at a local recording studio.

We jammed for 45 minutes from 1.15 to 2 p.m. and only discussed conceptually what to do for the introduction and the style to be used and then we just went ahead to do a live recording. We did try Mama Mia and also Nat King Cole's L-O-V-E but I messed up big time so we only have four recordings of which this is my favourite. There's one of The Moon Represents My Heart where Nicholas shouted midway when he saw a cockroach on the floor but Jon and I carried on nonchalantly :-).

Here's When I Fall In Love - an ad lib version first time run through with no rehearsal/practice, unedited - with Jonathan and Nicholas on the violins and me on the piano and doing the vocals ...all for the love of music. *recorded with an android handphone via Smart Voice Application from Google Play.

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Readers would know know because of aesthetics, I have not hosted any advertisements in my blogs because I blog to share and not to earn $$$. Besides, if he/she wants to blog and earn advertising revenue, he/she should do his/her homework, put in effort and reap well-deserved rewards.  I spend a lot of time trawling the net for interesting articles to share and it is not fair that he/she exploits my blog/effort for selfish reasons. Most unethical!

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I really hope Blogger or DMCA authorities will close the blog/ask him/her to take down all the stolen content and ban that blogger for such unscrupulous practices. Ethically, anyone who uses content from other places cannot host the entire article but only an excerpt, state the source/writer and backlink to the original source - which is what I always do.

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