Mimosa Pudica and Haemorrhoids

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Mimosa Pudica is a small evergreen that grows in Brazil, Asia, Africa, and India. The plant has a number of nicknames, including shameful plant, touch-me-not, and sensitive plant. Mimosa Pudica earned these names because of an interesting quality- its leaves close when they’re touched.

In Ayurvedic medicine, Mimosa pudica is known as lajjalu and its inclusion within the system is not because of its dancing leaves, but the therapeutic benefits the compounds within the plant offers. Many hemorrhoid sufferers have experienced relief as a result of this special plant’s pharmacological profile and antioxidant activity.

Mimosa Pudica and Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids describe an uncomfortable problem in which the blood vessels in the anal area swell and become very sore. Hemorrhoids can originate from straining during bowel movements, pregnancy, being overweight, and other factors. Swelling, discomfort, and even bleeding are common indications of hemorrhoids and they’re all miserable for the person experiencing them. In fact, in Ayurvedic medicine, hemorrhoids are known as “arsha shoola” which translates to “pain from pricking like needles.” Ouch!

For those experiencing the misery and agony of hemorrhoids, Mimosa pudica offers several benefits.

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