Seven Health Benefits of Nutmeg

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Yesterday afternoon, an old friend's son delivered a bag of fruits to my house. He said it was from his mom with best wishes. When I asked him what they were, he did not know, neither did my son. I whatsapped the photo of the fruit to a few friends who reacted in similar fashion. Finally, another friend said it might help if I were to cut it into half. True enough, once I cut into two halves, I realized it was none other than the nutmeg fruit! I am now brewing nutmeg syrup while writing this post.

According to THIS SITE:

Nutmeg is actually the seed of a tropical fruit thought to have originated in New Guinea (the same fruit that gives us mace, actually!). The seeds are light brown on the outside, oblong-shaped, and about an inch long. Inside, there are densely packed layers of starchy tissue and fragrant oil.

For the best flavor, buy the seeds whole and grate just the amount you need using a microplaner. You don't need to toast the seed or remove the outer skin before using it, and the nutmeg seeds will keep for years. Powdered nutmeg quickly loses its potency.

In sweet dishes, nutmeg works very well with dairy-based dishes and is often used in custards and dessert sauces. You'll also find it used in combination with other warm spices like cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves in holiday cookies and cakes.

Here are seven health benefits of nutmeg taken from HERE.

Known as a popular spice around the world, nutmeg is also popular for its many health benefits. In fact, since ancient times, nutmeg has been used as a remedy for various ailments or to improve health in general. Here are some of the health benefits that nutmeg provides.

1. Brain Tonic

During ancient times, Roman and Greek civilizations used nutmeg as a type of brain tonic. This is because nutmeg can effectively stimulate your brain. As a result, it can help eliminate fatigue and stress. If you are suffering from anxiety or depression, nutmeg may also be a good remedy. Nutmeg can also improve your concentration so you can become more efficient and focused at work or at school.

2. Pain Relief

Nutmeg is also an effective sedative. In fact, nutmeg is a staple in ancient Chinese medicine. The Chinese used the spice to treat inflammation and abdominal pain. Use nutmeg if you are suffering from aching joints, muscle pain, arthritis, sores and other ailments. To relieve the pain, apply nutmeg oil to the affected areas.

3. Indigestion Relief

If you suffer from digestion-related problems like diarrhea, constipation, bloating, flatulence and so on, nutmeg can effectively offer you relief. Nutmeg oil relieves stomachaches by removing the excess gas from your intestines. Nutmeg can also boost your appetite.

4. Bad Breath Treatment

Because of its antibacterial properties, nutmeg can also effectively treat halitosis or bad breath. As you probably know, bad breath is usually caused by a build-up of bacteria in your mouth. Nutmeg can rid your mouth of these bacteria. This is the reason why nutmeg is a common ingredient in many brands of toothpastes. Nutmeg can also be used to treat gum problems and toothaches.

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