Pornographic Censorship - A Rebranding Exercise

Posted by M ws On Tuesday, July 16, 2013 0 comments
Click here to read about how a leaked letter reveals that Internet providers have been secretly asked by authorities to make it appear they are offering greater protection against children accessing internet pornography purely for political benefit.

You are reading this in Masterwordsmith's blog. I am stating this because there is one particular blogger who has been copying my blog content and hosting it in a website url that is very similar to mine just so to steal traffic for advertising revenue. He even proclaimed MY SONS to be HIS SONS!!! ????? Even the header is the same as mine!!! Utter audacity and unscrupulousness!  I have already reported it to DMCA, Google and Blogger. If you like my site, please subscribe to the RSS feeds or follow me on Twitter to catch my posts.  Thanks!

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