Ten Dangerous Cities (including which Malaysian city?)

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Thanks to Mr TSK who shared this post. Read on and discover which Malaysian city has been listed amongst the ten dangerous cities of the world. That site said the crime rate there increased by 70% in the last three years and that things seem to be getting worse. How should the authorities respond? And what is OUR response?


Making a top of the most dangerous cities in the world is not an easy task, the lists change year after year. Some time ago, Chicago was, and still is considered the world’s crime capital. But let’s face it, just because Chicago has an interesting crime history and something that looks like a proneness to violence, there are other cities in this world that are basically imbued in constant acts of crime. There are cities out there which can scare even the most spectacular team of super heroes and if you think the Expendables can take a quiet walk in the park in some of these towns, think again! Today we will see (from the distance, as nobody dares to travel in those virtually war zones) the top ten most dangerous cities in the world.

1. San Pedro Sula – Honduras

It takes first place as the crime rate was established at 169 deaths at 100.000 inhabitants. Despite the touristic attractions, Honduras is a dangerous country and San Pedro Sula is not something we’d visit without the Terminator (Arnie’s version to be exact) to tag along.

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