Thirteen Good Reasons To Switch Off Your Cell Phone

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One blog which I read regularly is Lloyd's Electric Sense. Since I discovered his blog and became a subscriber, I have really been enlightened by his sincere and informative blog posts about the dangers of radiation (EMF and RF) from cell phones, laptops, televisions, cordless phones, bluetooth etc. Besides, I have made serious changes in my life and also executed Walla's advice to simplify my life.

One blog post that is a must-read would be Thirteen Good Reasons To Switch Off Your Cell Phone.

Recently, I met up with a former student whose dad's friend brought a radiation detector to his home. He was horrified to see the level of radiation from televisions. The newer the technology, the higher the level of radiation.

Google Play has some good radiation/EMF/RF applications. Do check them out. Better still, get a EMF meter and test your home/working environment.

If you have time, check out Dr. Devra Davis' talk AT THIS LINK. (MUST WATCH)

Alternatively, do check out this article at Environmental Health Trust website. (MUST READ)

Take care and have a good day.

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