Raw Garlic and Cancer

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According to a new study out of China, eating raw garlic at least twice a week can significantly reduce your chances of developing lung cancer — by up to 44 per cent overall, and even up to 30 per cent if you're a smoker.

Interviewing nearly 6,000 people (4,543 who were cancer free and over 1,424 who were suffering from lung cancer) between the years 2003 and 2010, the researchers surveyed them about their diet, their exposure to pollution, tobacco smoke (smoker and non-smoker), high-temperature cooking oils, and on their family history of cancer (they identified the leading causes as being cigarette smoke and fumes from high-temperature cooking oil).

They found that those who reported eating raw garlic at least two times a week were only 56% likely to have lung cancer. When they specifically dealt with those who were smokers, the likelihood rose some, to 70%. Presumably, this is in comparison to those who did not consume garlic twice a week, and had developed lung cancer.

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